PVS-15 L3/ITT Green

The M953 is a rugged, lightweight night vision binocular based on the military nomenclature AN/PVS-15 used by US Special Forces. The PVS-15 was designed at the request of the DoD who needed a more robust night vision binocular for ground use that retained the image quality of the predecessors to the PVS-15 - the ANVIS-9/6. The PVS-15 offers depth perception and improved optics over the PVS-14 and competing night vision binoculars that use PVS-14 glass. The PVS-15 is also known for its extreme ruggedness compared to other ground systems, and still has the ability to independently articular each side. 

  • Warranty

    5 year warranty excluding abuse or misuse.  Lifetime service.


By Dapper Hat

High End Armament Technology Inc.