• SkeetIR-L

    The SKEETIR-L thermal weapon sight is a credit-card size thermal monocular that displays a 320x240 (Detector) resolution using a single CR 123 battery.


    Important note: These SkeetIR-Ls are new old stock and do not come with a manufacturers warranty. UNV will issue a warranty of 90 days from purchase. No returns. ITAR form required - no exceptions. 

    The SkeetIR is the smallest, lightest, and most rugged multi-purpose weapon mountable thermal weapon system ever created. These hardened miniature thermal optics were originally designed and produced for a SPAWAR contract but are now available in limited quantities to civilians. 


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    • Included


      • SkeetIR-L Micro Thermal
      • WIlcox Flip-To-Side Mount
      • Quick Reference Guide
      • Cable, 7-Pin LEMO to OHM BNC
      • Cable, 7-Pin LEMO to USB Type A
      • BNC Coupler, F-F Adapter
      • PC Software for AI-1000 / ANTLIR Cameras
      • Lanyard Assembly, 36 IN, Black
      • Eye Cup
      • Quick Start Guide for SKEETER, 17um
    • Applications

      • Covertly finding and locating objects without visible light
      • First responder land & water, search & rescue, and fugitive pursuit and apprehension
      • Officer safety and protection
      • Hot spot and disturbed surface detection
      • Crime scene investigations
    • Benefits

      • Proven military system
      • Versatile system that quickly transitions from clip-on to handheld to helmet-mount mode
      • Greatly enhances vision at night or in dust or smoke
      • conditions
      • Seamless operational transition from observation to a
      • targeting device
      • Versatility to support a wide range of missions
      • Superior image quality

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